Business People's Retreat (BPR)

This vision was born in the year 2019 as some few artisans were gathered by His mercies to look at CHRIST IN BUSINESS.Although the burden was conceived from the year 2018 when the building project at Calvary Resort, LADTEM Camp and Film Village, Ikofa was in top flight. The need to have disciples among the artisan and craftsmen became the deep longing in our hearts. It was discovered that these set of professionals, though appearing insignificant, yet cannot be avoided in the regular day to day business life. Their lives and ways of doing business are somewhat not appealing to most people they service. Their Mannerisms, character, behaviour and attitudes has great gaps that only God is the solution.


God began to move our hearts in engaging them in discipleship and in preparing them for His second coming. This was the major focus at the foremost, burden-sharing retreat of the vision in 2019 (CHRIST IN BUSINESS). God imprinted upon our hearts that there cannot be successful businesses without deliberate service altars of encounter between God and the artisan. So, the more we relate with God, the more our understanding and enlightenment will be about our lives and businesses. We arose from that meeting with the knowledge that revelations is a must for us as artisan and business people in general, if we will ever succeed in business.


By the year 2020, the first edition of the programme was held with the theme - CONGREGATIONAL ARTISANS. Issues from the meeting include the revelation-knowledge that at the beginning, there was nothing like business. Business actually came as a result of sin and whoever will be successful in business as God's standard is concerned, must have relationship with God. We also noted that such individuals are working/contending against another authority (the standard of the world) and it is then required that he must have a good relationship with God so that he can be led appropriately.

Professor Lekan Aikhia

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