Couples' Retreat

This is another impactful and important programme in the Commission. The theme of the maiden edition was A THREE FOLD CORD (Ecclesiastes 4:12). The emphasis was on the understanding of couples on the importance of God and disciplers (spiritual parents) in partnering with them in having a correct marriage. The programme emerged as a burden to help couples realise the purpose of God in their lives and marriages. This becomes more important because of the rate of divorce, disharmony, unfaithfulness and lack of understanding of God’s intention for godly marriages.


This maiden edition was held in October 2018 with about 170 couples in attendance. The major highlight of the meeting were floor group discussions, interactive sessions, life styles expected in a godly home, seminars, divine messages, couples eat-in, couples’ dance, husbands praying separately for their wives and vice versa, renewal of marital vows, knowing your spouses and the likes. It was indeed a very impactful programme as couples returned to their respective stations to continue to bond and cleave together in oneness and singleness of heart.


The theme of the second edition which was held between Friday 10th - Sunday 12th, June 2020 was MARITAL HARMONY. It was held online as a virtual meeting because of COVID- 19 pandemic. The major highlight of the meeting were prayers sessions for couples, messages, question and answer sessions, interactive session that provided answers to a questionnaire on couples’ marital harmony which addressed different factors of harmony in the home (such as communication, sexual intimacy, financial intimacy, how to conflict resolution, handling in-laws, oneness of the spirit and mind and the likes).

It was a great time in God's Presence as many testimonies of reunion were given by some couples after the programme.

Professor Lekan Aikhia

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