Disciples' Renewal and Leadership Retreat (DRALERT)

DRALERT is an annual programme of the Commission which started as "Drama Leadership Retreat" in the year 2004. It was a-3 day retreat with the aim of creating awareness, enlargement and proper understanding (for drama ministers) on who a drama minister ought to be before God. It has grown beyond the scope of the drama ministry over the years and now, it has become a meeting which covers other areas of Christian life and ministry, and as such, reaching out to Pastors, Missionaries, Church workers, Music ministers and all Christians. It is now known as Disciples’ Renewal and Leadership Retreat (DRALERT).


Customarily, this annual meeting takes place in August and it includes: word ministrations, bible study, workshops, discipleship talk, prayer uproar, marriage seminar, devotional charge, reflections on the word at the floor groups, as well as interactive and counseling sessions. Participants also experience the fullness of God through the latest movies of the ministry at the film show sessions. Also, opportunity for admission into the ministry's drama and media institute (DFMI - Disciples Film and Media Institute). Interview for prospective students are usually observed at the meeting. Registration, feeding and accommodation has always been free for all participants and will continue to be, as the Lord provides.


Previous editions of the programme had witnessed great themes such as "Service that brings REWARD" (2005), "The thief cometh" (2009), "Walking in the Spirit" (2011), "True Manifestation" (2012), "Prepared unto Every Good Works" (2013), "Sacredness of God Work"( 2014), "Crucified Life" (2015), "Devotion in Life and Ministry" (2016), "Walking and Living in the truth" (2017), "Dare to be Different" (2018), "Draw near" (2019), "Impulse of His Spirit" (an online edition due to COVID-19 restriction in 2020) and now "That I May See" (2021).

Professor Lekan Aikhia

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