Men's Retreat

The position of man on earth and in the world is highly strategic to God and it was deliberate from the beginning: The position of leadership under His instruction. In spite of the great fall in the old dispensation, God has not changed His mind concerning this important role of man on earth. Hence, having recognized the damage being done to every sector of human existence and relationships at home, work, religious, social and many other organizations in the present time, unrelentingly, He creates avenues for us to reason with Him so that sanity may return. This is a move to bring love, unity, progress, joy and peace to the society since these are the cravings of every individual daily.

Under God, Men’s Retreat in the LADTEM Commission is put together for different levels of male gender as single young, married young and old men (adults) to receive God’s instructions from time to time in order to become fulfilled in this purpose of God. Therefore, the objectives of the meeting include:

✔️ Building young men to become responsible leaders in different capacities of role taking in the society as God ordained for their lives.

✔️ Building men as loving husband and fathers in their homes as ordained by God;

✔️ Building men to be true image of God and light to the dark world for eternity sake

The maiden edition of this meeting was held between 2nd and 4th October, 2020. It was an online meeting due to the protocols of the COVID 19 pandemic prevailing then. We are believing God for the next retreat for this year 2021 by the month of October.


The first one having its theme as Man of His Presence with biblical basis culled from Ezekiel 44:15-16, stressed the importance of God’s recognition and acceptance of a man before making progress or success in life cutting across his home, job, business, education, ministerial callings and all other areas.

Apart from major messages during the retreat, different platforms including Business, Academic, Civil Service and company, and Christian Ministries were created to address issues peculiar to the people who registered based on those groups.

We appreciate God for the success of and testimonies of the meeting. We equally trust God for this year’s retreat which shall be on sight as scheduled for October 29-30, 2021. The theme: A Man Under Authority. God bless as you pray and prepare to be part of the meeting.

Professor Lekan Aikhia

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