Sisters' Retreat

Sisters’ Retreat started in October 2019 from 25th – 26th with the theme - WISDOM TO BUILD.

The retreat emerged as a result of the burden to help Christian sisters, both singles and married to fit in and fulfill God's purpose for their creation which include among others: Intercession for their husbands, children, ministries, families and the society at large, Fulfilling their God-ordained purpose in the lives of their husbands as help-meet, Preparation and nurturing of singles for their careers and future homes, Training mothers on how to bring up their children in godly ways.

Highlights of the first meeting held were:

✔️ Book Study – An extensive floor group study based was done on a new book titled – “Wisdom to Build” by Busayo Asikhia;

✔️ Workshop on how to make home-made nutritious drinks;

✔️ Prayers were raised for the nation, homes, marriageable sisters and waiting mothers.

✔️ Health talk on “You are what you eat”.

✔️ Sharing of how the principles of discipleship has helped some singles and married sisters.


To the glory of God, impact from the meeting was great as many sisters rededicated their lives and resolved to engage the wisdom of God in building their lives and homes. The programme was not held in 2020 due to Covid-19 lockdown in the nation, but we are looking forward to organising another edition November 26th – 27th, 2021 by God's grace.

Professor Lekan Aikhia

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